South trip with the ORGANIC crew by Juan Carlos Medina

This roadtrip was created initially to take photos of the new range from THE MAD HUEYS   , joining,  Shaun , Dean, Brenno, Natty, Jimmy Wood, Sam, Luke, Laurie Towner.

First day was pretty small so we decided to do some tow-ins to get some air shots at least , then heading to Iluka where the waves were deffinitely better, duranbah-style , with perfect  3-4 ft barrels following it with the mad hueys beer-oclock and a real good time. Next day swell was already too big so we decided to head to a different beach where we needed 4x4 to get there. Waves were a little closed-out but it was at least protected from the winds. Finally we finished the product shoot in that beach and managed to get some sick shots. Here are some of them...

PAPATURA trip with THE MAD HUEYS #STAYOVERIT by Juan Carlos Medina

With the shortest notice possible , the mad hueys called me to join their adventure through the Solomon Islands (Papatura), apparently there was a nice swell coming.

Our first day started just fine, with a ghetto-looking plane, broken seat-belts and quite a "rustic" look. It was meant to take us to papatura, It was the craziest flight I've ever had , not to mention the craziest landing ever on to a tiny road in the middle of nowhere. Definitely a flight to remember. Next day, swell had already arrived but conditions were not favourable , it was rainy, cloudy and windy thoughout the whole day. We actually went wave hunting but had no luck, we did not find what had expected.

On our third day things changed up a little bit, we decided to check the surf at 6 am and it was the best idea ever, day was just extremely beautiful and when we arrived we couldnt velieve the perfect conditions and waves !!! So amazing that Brenno and Shaun jumped out of the boat as soon as we arrived. That day was just the highlight of our trip and made the trip quite unforgettable, and ofcourse the delicious mahi mahi and yellow fin we managed to catch that day!

Here are some photos of our crazy trip! STAY OVER IT!!!

Caracas VENEZUELA by Juan Carlos Medina

Caracas, not just a city a battle-field , concrete jungle, but nevertheless my HOMETOWN. Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela and largest with approximately 6 millions of people. It is so close to the sea that the climate is always fresh and its been called "the city of eternal spring". This time I got to go back home and visit family and friends , being able to get some water shoots and landscapes without planning but improvising and having fun. 

3 Venezuelan's wondering in Fiji... by Juan Carlos Medina

With only one week holiday on us we decided to begin our adventure by meeting Daniel my friends brother in Fiji. He was in the middle of his world-sailing trip when we decided to join in for a week when he arrived to Fiji. One week does not sound enough, However when your hotel is a sailing boat every minute counts.