Juan was born a very active, passionate and creative person who grew up in the city of Caracas in Venezuela.

At the age of 13 a friend took him to a beach called "Playa los Cocos" and taught him how to surf. From there began the life long relationship between Juan and the ocean.

Juan's journey with surfing took him from the beaches of the caribbean in Venezuela to the heavy coastlines of Puerto Escondido and Pascuales - Mexico, to the perfect reef breaks in Bali - Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Mentawai Islands, Bahamas and to the world's famous beaches of Gold Coast - Australia.

Photography comes as naturally as his passion for surfing. Juan bought his first digital camera in 2010 and hit the ground running ever since continuously learning and growing with photography and it's technological advancements.

At the moment he's living in the Gold Coast - Australia being at the perfect beach and perfect time to find the perfect shot. Nevertheless his photography has extended towards wildlife and fashion photography as well.